About Pure Healthcare - Pure Healthcare
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About Pure Healthcare

Pure Healthcare was founded by BUILD Capital in 2018 with a mission to change the healthcare industry by putting the patient, and their journey in healthcare, first. As the rates of chronic and debilitating autoimmune conditions such as Alzheimer’s diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, and multiple sclerosis increase nationwide, innovative solutions must be found to ensure care remains affordable and patient-focused.


Despite the rising costs of healthcare and the physician shortage, Pure Healthcare has established a network of providers that are dedicated to delivering affordable and quality care, leading to a reduction of costs for both payers and patients. But at Pure Healthcare its more than that, it’s creating a highly intentional and deeply meaningful experience for every single patient that walks into one of our centers.


Here at Pure Healthcare, we know firsthand how devastating chronic illness can be on an individual and their loved ones. Our teams are focused on making each encounter with a patient, tailored, positive and memorable by providing what we call “moments of magic” to those we serve through intentional, personalized, expert care.


Kevin McKenzie

Chief Executive Officer


Trey Gardner

Chief People Officer & Founder


Brent Jacobsen

Chief Technology Officer & Founder


Joshua Tandy

Chief Operations Officer & Founder


Core Values

We are people-obsessed

We are passionate

We are builders

We are grateful