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Montana Arthritis Centers

Montana Arthritis Center was established to ensure quality rheumatological care is still delivered to patient populations that are most in need. 


Studies estimate that by 2040, cases of arthritis in the United States will nearly double, while practicing rheumatology providers are expected to decrease 25% by 2030. 


For Montanans who suffer from arthritis and other rheumatological conditions at higher rates than the national average, a reduction in rheumatology will lead to untreated chronic pain and life-altering disability. 

Richard Lai, MD, in conjunction with Pure Healthcare, have partnered to bring a new patient care model to Montana to ease the burden of the physician shortage on our patients. 


Dr. Lai oversees a team of Nurse Practitioners in the Billings and Great Falls area, allowing for patients to still receive the care they need to manage their chronic conditions and lower the cost of healthcare for payers and patients. 


Through recruiting patient-obsessed providers, Montana Arthritis Centers have developed a reputation for our providers’ impeccable bedside manner and innovative solutions for patient care. 


Montana Arthritis Center is on the cutting edge of advanced therapies and diagnostics while still respecting the traditions of rheumatological care. By combining the old with new, our patients have endless treatment options, allowing for successful progressive and patient centered care. 

To learn more, click to visit

To learn more, click to visit

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