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Pure Infusion Suites

Pure Infusion Suites is the flagship brand of Pure Healthcare, with 20 locations in 10 states providing biological infusion services to those suffering with multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s and colitis, rheumatoid arthritis, and other chronic autoimmune conditions. 


As ambulatory infusion centers, Pure Infusions Suites have the flexibility and innovative means to change the way infusion care is delivered. 


Our providers focus on providing patient-obsessed care, which starts by allowing our patients to bypass long hospital lines and waiting rooms. Our patients check in and receive care in a private suite catered to their needs and those of their accompanying loved one or caregiver.

Our suites are designed knowing that infusions are an hours-long process that our patients will have to endure. Each Pure Infusion Suite is equipped with a 55 inch flatscreen TV, WiFi access, comfortable recliners, and food and beverages catered to our patient’s desires. 


Our staffing and intake procedures allow each patient to have an infusion nurse that is dedicated to their medical care while receiving their infusion, allowing for better patient monitoring and personalized care.


The patient experience at Pure Infusion Suites is unparalleled compared to the industry standards, especially when it comes to reducing costs for payers and patients. 


On Average, care at an ambulatory infusion center costs 53% less than infusion services offered at hospitals. We further increase affordability by offering co-pay assistance and other financial aid programs to our patients to lessen their burdens. 

To learn more, click to visit

To learn more, click to visit

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